The Body Love Mindset Guided Meditation

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The Body Love Mindset Guided Meditation

The Chandler Learning & Development Center, LLC
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This guided meditation helps to release self doubt, lowers stress, and gives you the confidence you need to focus, be more productive, and transform your beliefs about your body.

Start rotating this in your morning routine and/or evening routine. Make note of any changes and the entire process, the entire experience in your journal.

Ok, so you need to be somewhere stationary for a few minutes.

You can start with a few minutes a day, if you decide to stretch it out, that is fine too. I usually meditate for 15-20 min twice a day. That is well over enough time each day. I want you to start with 5 minutes. Just 15 minutes ok.

And with this meditation I want you to learn how to focus. Don’t worry about all the things that you didn’t get done yesterday or the things you have to do today. I just want you to focus and be present in the now. So you can sit, in what they call lotus position or criss cross applesauce. You want to make sure you are comfortable. If you want to sit in a chair, you can do that as well.

But please don’t use a pillow, because you might end up falling asleep. What I do recommend when you first begin is setting a timer. That way your body can get used to the meditation process. So you are going to start with 5 minutes, but I want you to set your alarm to 9 minutes, just so your body, just so you can get used to it, ok.

Repeat this meditation as often as you want.

Just start. Start with 5 min a day then work your way up. And always journal the journey to see how this new body love journey develops for you. It's all guided by my voice, no music.

Thank you!

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I want this!

5 Minute Guided Meditation to help release self-doubt, give confidence, and transform your beliefs about your body.

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